Is It Safe To Combine Marijuana With Fluoxetine?

In this article we will examine the safety of this combination.

Cannabis Interaction With Fluoxetine

Marijuana has been around for centuries and people have used it for different purposes by now. Along with that, many have explored possible drug interactions on how they can increase health benefits and reduce side effects. One of the more popular combined therapy when it comes to cannabis is using it with fluoxetine. In itself, cannabis is already a Schedule 1 substance with a sort of past shady reputation too. Not many will admit to openly using it before out of fear of being persecuted by others but this has greatly changed with the law taking its side over the past few years.


Marijuana can cause concerns about these things.

However, people suffering from depression, for instance, should be wary about the dangers of mixing up a common antidepressant with cannabis. This is no other than Prozac, with the generic name of Fluoxetine. This has become an issue because depressed people tend to turn to illicit drugs like what we still think cannabis is until today. Problems arise because the very same depressed people using the two often forget or choose not to disclose to their doctors that they are taking both substances. Hence, they aren’t guided properly on possible drug interactions between the two.

Side Effects Worsened By Combined Marijuana And Fluoxetine

• Confusion
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Difficulty concentrating

Older people may also experience these side effects:
• Impaired judgment
• Impaired motor coordination
• Impaired thinking

Other Things To Avoid

It is a common precaution to avoid all things alcohol when taking medications especially prescription ones. This is also the case with cannabis and Prozac combination. If possible, limit activities requiring you to focus or think fast such as driving or operating heavy machinery because an accident is just around the corner with just a tiny mistake.
marijuana and fluoxetine combination

Are You Safe When Taking Both Marijuana And Fluoxetine?

Many people are coming here wondering if they can take marijuana combined with fluoxetine.

Hypomania is possible and this is a moderate risk all users of both face. It is easy to spot if you suffer from this side effect as you are likely to show signs of extreme irritation, jitters, nervousness, and excitement all at the same time. Changes in one’s mood is common and both can trigger this reaction, making it hard for your doctor to find out if it is your reaction to cannabis or to Prozac. When this happens, your doctor may tell you to omit cannabis first and check if the reaction persists before deciding further on your treatment plan.

Another major thing to consider when using both substances is the fact that cannabis can actually increase the sedative effects of Prozac, causing the user to feel extremely sedated. It is not life-threatening but can be a cause of worry especially when you deal with tools or have to go out of the house since you may encounter an accident along the way because of your impaired mood and judgment.


Doctors do not entirely stop their patients from using both but remind them that mixing the two can trigger reactions you do not want or will have a hard time dealing with. For instance, your healthcare providers won’t be able to tell right away what is causing these side effects and what will be the long-term effects of the two.

Marijuana, whether it is medical mj or recreational, always requires users to use caution.

Take the time to go over all possible health benefits and side effects of the two, individually and when used all together, with your doctor before making a choice. In the end, it is up to you to decide how you want your health to be managed, so it is best to know everything first before coming to a decision. Both substances can do good for the body especially if there is a need for it, so weigh the pros and cons of using both cannabis and Fluoxetine if you think it will do you more good than harm.

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