Back then, people would automatically raise their eyebrows once they hear the words marijuana and alcohol. Both are known vices that are addicting and can mess up people’s mind. Most people who get high or intoxicated can no longer the things they did during those times and these periods of blackouts have put many in very risky and dangerous situations mainly because they were oblivious to their surroundings and unable to think straight for themselves. Hence, these two have gained the stigma of being bad for people’s health in general although the public has a more accepting attitude towards alcohol and indulge in it more often than they did with marijuana. It has always been a subject of debate as to which of the two are worse or the lesser of two evils. It is common knowledge to many nowadays that marijuana, though, has completely reinvented itself and is far from the old image it had a few decades back. However, people still had the notion that marijuana is worse for our health but that notion is gradually being changed as cannabis continues to conquer the world.

Marijuana vs. Alcohol

Is there really a point of comparison between marijuana and alcohol? In reality, it is actually a little challenging to compare the two since both intoxicants are a favorite among recreational users but how they are used, legal issues concerning them, and its long-term impact on people’s health makes it difficult to see both substances eye-to-eye.

The body is greatly affected by both marijuana and alcohol. There is no denying that. Effects can be seen whether for the short term of the long haul. There are even statistics supporting the grave effects of alcohol to people while no substantial proof when it comes to marijuana with roughly 88,000 deaths annually are associated with excessive alcohol intake according to CDC. Most likely you should think about conditions like fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis and alcohol hepatitis for example.

Short-Term Effects

You can really die when you drink too much or make drinking alcoholic beverages your favorite past time. Alcohol can build up in the brain especially if you do not give your body enough time to metabolize it and just gulping down more and more that over time, your brain simply shuts down certain parts of it that are crucial for human survival like breathing and pumping blood in your heart. In worst cases, there are people who actually died after binge-drinking for five minutes but such a scenario is unheard of with marijuana. Marijuana is undeniably a much gentler substance in contrast to alcohol especially the ones with a high alcohol content.

However, it does not mean your body isn’t greatly affected by marijuana too as it actually raises the blood pressure and heart rate but the adverse reactions aren’t as severe as that of alcohol intoxication. Drug interactions aren’t also as severe with marijuana as with alcohol since it is broken down, metabolized, and absorbed in the human body like most drugs are. Hence, the effectiveness of a certain drug is affected (increased or decreased) depending on how alcohol a person consumes. Meanwhile, marijuana isn’t all good too. Although effects are more subtle than that of alcohol, it has been observed that marijuana use affects a person’s sense of balance and coordination, hence extra care must be taken when driving or operating machinery since you may end up hurting yourself. Also, there is the danger of having unprotected sex when your inhibition is low during times you are high from marijuana use, so be prepared for these instances when using marijuana just in case.

Long-Term Effects

The side effects of excessive alcohol intake are pretty much obvious and self-explanatory. Aside from the health issues one may experience, there are also safety risks closely associated with it. Chronic alcoholism can severely deteriorate your health. As already mentioned, you may develop an alcoholic liver disease that can worsen and lead to liver fibrosis that is pretty much the indication of potential liver cancer. On the other hand, there are not much studies done showing the potential side effects of too much or chronic marijuana use. There is some proof that people with psychiatric disorders may experience worsening of symptoms when marijuana is used for the long term. Also, you may be prone to coughing and other lung problems like inflammation of the air passages and bronchitis if you prefer to smoke or vape your marijuana rather than take its other forms like edibles and CBD oil but nothing really serious.

Smoking marijuana isn’t unlike cigarette smoking where you can finish 1-2 packs per day with ease among chain smokers since marijuana users can just smoke one joint each week and they are good to go. But bear in mind that data experts have now aren’t complete as legal issues regarding marijuana use and the sensitive nature of the subject are major drawbacks in conducting further research on its long-term health effects. But as early as now, the profound impact of marijuana on the brain can’t be ignored as cannabis is known to interact with certain receptors in the brain, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspectives.

Marijuana and Alcohol Benefits

It is not all bad for these two controversial substances since your health can also benefit from it when taken in moderation and with your doctor’s approval especially when it comes to medical marijuana. You won’t get sick as often and enjoy improved heart health when you drink alcohol moderately. There are also lots of beneficial effects discovered by experts now that cannabis is frequently discussed in the Congress because of its legalization in various states all over the country. Until today, continuous research is being done to identify the specific ingredients responsible for the beneficial effects of marijuana as it is now even being prescribed by doctors to their patients suffering from cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis among others. It won’t be long before we finally get to the bottom of the mystery involving marijuana but for now, it is safe to say marijuana beats alcohol on several points and thus can be said the better one between the two.