Millions of people silently suffer from depression. If you look at it, it has become a widespread epidemic that many people still continue to ignore or choose to not talk about. And it affects people from all walks of life all over the globe. It is also perhaps the major cause for suicide as people no longer know how to deal with the problems they are facing in life. It is just as depressing as depression itself to learn that over 800,000 people choose to end their own lives each day and it is probably why we are talking about it now. One can simply no longer just turn a blind eye to the perils of depression when people actually end up taking their own lives out of hopelessness of anything better to happen in their lives. And while we are at it, it makes perfect sense to talk about groundbreaking research involving the use of CBD oil (cannabidiol) in treating depression.

This compound comes from hemp plants and has been used for thousands of years. Only recently, however, did CBD begin becoming popular all across the western world for a variety of ailments.

Many people experience a heightened sense of awareness and increased mood when taking cbd oil for depression.

People are getting rid of the stigma associated with hemp products and finally beginning to realize the real benefits that they have for medicinal purposes.

How Depression Affects You

Your brain is the major organ affected when you have depression. It produces a great deal of cortisol that leads to stress and the lingering feeling of loneliness and depression that your brain makes you feel. Not only does it depresses you but can lead to memory problems as well. The excessive amount of cortisol can shrink your prefrontal cortex aside from making the amygdala bigger than normal. As a result, you become more unstable emotionally and you have a hard time making rational decisions all the time.


There are different types of depression but they all spell trouble for you. Others try to cope first but since it is a physiological condition, you need a medical intervention as well. You can’t just shrug it off and choose to deal with it later on when it is already full blown. You need to get checked and treated as soon as possible. Different people don’t usually get the same treatment and some can simply have to take oral medications while other have to take stronger and riskier treatments such as brain stimulation and psychotherapy. But with the growing interest in cannabis and the flooding of positive testimonials from clients who experience relief from their depression because of the help of CBD especially CBD oil.

How The CBD Molecule Interacts With The Brain

There are studies that prove CBD is effective in fighting off anxiety and depression. CBD is effective in regulating cortisol levels and don’t get in the way of dopamine and serotonin receptors that are responsible for lightening up people’s mood.

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CBD likewise helps in dealing with insomnia that many depressed people suffer from. Be calmed and lulled to sleep with CBD’s help and you’ll no longer feel that annoyed without it. While you may think depression is only in the mind, it can elicit physical signs and symptoms too like headaches, pains in your joint, tummy upset, or some other pains that are commonly experienced by people suffering from depression.

How CBD Can Help Fight Off Depression

Cannabidiol Oil can be used in different ways to help you with depression. It can be mixed in your food or drinks and applied on your tongue or on affected body parts such as your temples if your head is aching. You can use it in many other ways too, wherever you are most comfortable in.

Take note of the concentrations of the CBD oil you are using. Simply check the packaging for those details or the accompanying instructions. You only need to use a certain amount of CBD oil drops, which is why there is usually an accompanying calibrated dropper in each purchase. Begin with the smallest dosage before increasing the number of CBD oil drops you use.

Over the years, we have seen an increase CBD oil users especially that many have witnessed how beneficial it is in putting your depression at bay and even annihilating it altogether. It helps that more and more states have now legalized the sale and use of cannabis and CBD oil can be bought from more places than before. CBD oil offers you the many benefits of cannabis minus the natural high marijuana of yesteryears is notorious for that was bred to be high on THC alone.

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Since the cannabinoids present in CBD oil act by suppressing various chemical receptors in your brain, they work well in addressing depression when there is an imbalance of these chemicals especially in increasing serotonin levels that are essentially your happy pill. You don’t even have to feel guilty if you use one since it does not elicit any psychoactive effects, which is especially true among CBD-rich products. But more often than not, you need to see a doctor first before you can get a marijuana card that you’ll need when buying from cannabis dispensaries because marijuana use still isn’t for everyone and not all states recognize it to be at par with other medicines out there and haven’t legalized its use just yet. However, don’t let these challenges stop you from giving CBD oil a try because depression is a serious issue and people die every day because they fail to get the proper treatment for it.

Aside from raising serotonin levels, CBD oil also helps you get a good night’s sleep so you are no longer tossing and turning in your bed throughout the night and fill your mind with sad and dangerous thoughts that depressed people think of every day. Insomnia is a common manifestation and makes a depressed person feel so much worse as Don’t let depression get the best of you and take advantage of wonder products like CBD oil not only because it works but more so because you do not need to suffer on your own. Your mental health is closely tied to your physical health, so take whatever mental you have seriously as sooner or later it will catch up on you and make you feel all sorts of awful things that a person with a healthy mental state can easily get over and cope with. Consider this harmless solution to a deadly problem that continues to plague millions of people the world over that nature has gifted us for us to use and benefit from.